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Creating Edible Chocolate Mice Treats

My second son is my crafty, hands-on kind of guy–wants to bake everything and can make anything 3D if he can get his hands on scissors, paper and glue. And it was his idea to make the choco-cherry mice treat –last February–when his Highlights magazine featured it. Continue reading

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12 Mom Reasons Why Knoebels is the Best Amusement Park

From the perspective of a mom with three kids under the age of 10, I cannot think of any other amusement park I can take three kids for the day and spend only $71 there. Continue reading

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Letter to My Future Daughters-in-Law, from a Crunchy Mama

My kids are all elementary school ages or younger so why am I composing hypothetical letters to a future daughter-in-law? I confess I’ve worried about this since my boys were babies/toddlers. Continue reading

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