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I live, write, teach and enjoy life from a place of hope and a belief in miracles from seeing first-hand the depths of redemption

I’m NOT that Crafty Mom

Do you know how many holiday crafts we’ve done together? I’ve managed almost one every year Continue reading

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Finding an Editor: Genre Matters (And sometimes, maybe you just have to do it yourself!)

Hiring an editor. It always made me feel like things are progressing. But how do you find the right one?
Continue reading

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Eleven Tips for Making/Tweaking the New Homeschool Schedule

We’re 7 weeks in. And there was a surprise of the unexpected variety. It’s working. I’m ENJOYING the time with my children. I’m having more fun than I did last year. I’m actually teaching from a place of rest. (And I’ve barely gotten through the first chapter of that book…) Continue reading

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Week 6 “Final Project” Drawing Lesson: Character and Landscape

The final project I used in my masters class gave the students a few choices. Continue reading

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Personalized Theme Alphabet for Preschool/K

About assigning pictures/objects to a letter for its sound: it’s much more effective to have that object form the letter shape. Arrows make A, a dragon makes the D shape, etc. The image making the shape reinforces the their acquisition of the alphabet and phonics in the way kids’ brains naturally process information. Continue reading

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Perspective Drawing Lesson, Week 5, Lego Figures

Applying principles of perspective to Lego figures. Continue reading

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My Dad, Monsanto and Christmas Trees

My mom is the one who told me. She told me she saw the information in a TV commercial. Class-action lawsuits against Monsanto, on behalf of people who contracted lymphoma and other cancers after exposure to its weed-killer, Round-up. Continue reading

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