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Ever Feel Like You’re the Least Favorite Teacher In Your Homeschool?

Yeah, it’s saying something when you’re the least-favorite teacher in a  one-room-schoolhouse kind of situation. But I’ve felt it. The weirdest part is, I’m used to being popular. I was a favorite camp counselor, a beloved student teacher, and the … Continue reading

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Second-Decade Teacher Wisdom: It’s Really About HOW You Are

I’ve had two conversations of epiphany with two different teacher friends of mine. We had these astonishing revelations, at the same time, of why we are better teachers now than when we were younger. (And what makes a teacher “great” … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Failed Blogger; How to Turn It Around

In the past, I tried writing two different blogs. Both failed. Failed both in the sense that I gave up and also in the sense that they were so rarely read. I know exactly why. What I was doing is … Continue reading

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