What do you do when you’re a busy mom, aspiring novelist, tutor and homeschooler? Why, add one more thing and blog! I’m a creative and often feel that I have things threatening to burst out of seams. I write, create and teach from a seemingly ever-growing optimism. I say my 30s is by far my favorite decade because now I’ve been witness to so many miracles, and have seen how many people have transformed and remained transformed. My name, Renee, really does mean “reborn.” I believe everything can be transformed and revived. Absolutely everything. Anything. I serve a Jesus whom I’ve learned about and served most of my life–but my understanding of His depths and the much bigger picture of what it means to follow Him make me feel, after 3 decades of following, that this life is so exciting–much more than I ever knew ten or even five years ago! So if anything I write or share here resonates with you, enjoy and come again! I may share everything from drawing tutorials to parenting challenges to book reviews while I live my dreams of raising a family and writing novels.

14 Responses to About

  1. Katharina Leineweber says:

    My email address is: k_21@gmx.net

    Feel free to delete my comment (I guess it is public) from your blog if you wish.

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Renee,
    I have the same question as previous commenter Katharina – are you the author of the “Vulvodynia: Five Years In the Fire” article on youandmemagazine.com and what exactly were the homeopathic medications that worked for you? Both the medications for the original problem and the 2nd problem. I and others would love to know! My email address is sharon@chickadeewebdesign.com. Thanks so much.

  3. Charity says:

    Hi Renee! Thank you for your helpful posts here! Can I have permission to download and copy your lion for the mirror image lesson? Can I hand one copy to each of my CC students?
    Thanks for considering,
    Charity H

    • Renee Lannan's blog says:

      Oh certainly, Charity! I put it up so anyone can feel free to download and copy what he/she needs! One of CC’s greatest strengths is sharing with each other to make our programs richer while we busy homeschooling moms also don’t burn out recreating the wheel every week for every subject.

  4. Brie says:

    Hi Renee,

    I have the same question as Katharina and Sharon and would very much appreciate hearing about your experience and treatment. My email is Brianna.jonna@gmail.com. Thanks so much!


  5. meloyall says:

    I apologize too for contacting here but I have the same thoughts as the previous person who commented. I have so many questions as a mom dealing with some of the same issues that were mentioned in the article. I’m really hoping you could answer a few questions regarding the type of treatment (if indeed the article was written by you). Thanks so much for your time. My email is meloyall@gmail.com

  6. warrickfam says:

    I was wondering if you were planning on creating a new set of OiLS/drawing lessons to go along with Cycle 1?

  7. Renee Lannan's blog says:

    oh, hello! thanks for asking! I did create them 3 years ago, and it’s really a matter of finding the time to put them together and publish… But my lessons are not complete. One didn’t work so well, and one I repeated from a different cycle (and it’s already on my blog–the week 1 horse), so there’s really only 4 new ones I could possibly post.

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