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Chewing with My Mouth Open (Thank you, Bell’s Palsy!)

It’s bad manners, of course. But I wonder how many times I didn’t realize I was doing this? I’m better now, but due to an injury to and subsequent viral infection (called Bell’s Palsy) in the nerves of my face … Continue reading

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Eating Grain Free/Sugar Free at Hershey Park

I’m writing this quick blurb because I looked for something already written on this at the beginning of summer and found nothing. So, it’s not super easy, but it is possible to eat at Hershey Park and avoid grains and … Continue reading

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Best Advice to Beginning Novelists: Don’t Write Chapter 1

At a writers’ critique group last night, a young writer brought the opening chapter for the group to read, trying to get everything just right. But the advice of two experienced novelists was astonishing. It was counter-intuitive. I wish someone … Continue reading

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Seven Wonders Mystery: Upside-Down Drawing, Week 3, Cycle 1

The biggest impediment to drawing is our assumptions. We often miss the actual shape of a thing because we get stuck or intimidated about what we think it should look like. Why do we have kids draw something upside-down? To help students see … Continue reading

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King Tut: Mirror Image Drawing Lesson Week 2, Cycle 1

Ah, the second week of Fine Arts in the Classical Conversations program: Mirror Image! In my first year tutoring, this was a least favorite lesson, but now it’s my favorite and perhaps the most crucial of them all. I didn’t … Continue reading

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Horse Head Profile: Drawing Lesson 1

For the first drawing lesson, we explore the basic shapes. In Classical Conversations, we spend the first six weeks of the Foundations program learning drawing lesson in the Fine Art segment of the class. My lessons were designed for the Masters class (ages 10-11), but the specific class I had last with cycle one were […]

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Classroom Management and Motivational Techniques

  How do you encourage positive classroom engagement and participation–without having to bring in candy and cheap little gadgets from the Dollar Store or throw a pizza party? I’m talking about middle school aged kids (and for those in Classical … Continue reading

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