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Books My Son Likes: Wonder

So my son doesn’t love to read. Finding books he enjoys is a challenge, so finding those gems makes them worth sharing. The novel Wonder is the second book my middle grade boy loved. And I mean loved, loved, LOVED. … Continue reading

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Review: Phonics Museum Reading Program

Confession: I looked into the Phonics Museum curriculum, originally, because of its theme. Not because it was classical ( a very specific philosophy of education I did not espouse at the time). Not because it was made by Veritas Press … Continue reading

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When People Treat Pets Like Babies…

  I recently visited a friend at her house and met her new kitten: My friend┬ásits with arm crooked, the paler flesh of the forearm upturned to cradle the kitten the colors of fog and smoke: reminders of white, and … Continue reading

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Books My Son Likes: Flora and Ulysses

I have a middle-grade son who is not a natural reader. Reading is just is not what he’d choose to spend his time doing. He has many interests that compete with reading, so if I find him reading a book … Continue reading

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