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Ever Feel Like You’re the Least Favorite Teacher In Your Homeschool?

Yeah, it’s saying something when you’re the least-favorite teacher in a  one-room-schoolhouse kind of situation. But I’ve felt it. The weirdest part is, I’m used to being popular. I was a favorite camp counselor, a beloved student teacher, and the … Continue reading

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Horse Head Profile: Drawing Lesson 1

For the first drawing lesson, we explore the basic shapes. In Classical Conversations, we spend the first six weeks of the Foundations program learning drawing lesson in the Fine Art segment of the class. My lessons were designed for the Masters class (ages 10-11), but the specific class I had last with cycle one were […]

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Classroom Management and Motivational Techniques

  How do you encourage positive classroom engagement and participation–without having to bring in candy and cheap little gadgets from the Dollar Store or throw a pizza party? I’m talking about middle school aged kids (and for those in Classical … Continue reading

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Upside-Down Drawing, Week 3

The biggest impediment to drawing is our assumptions. We often miss the actual size or shape of a line or area because we get stuck or intimidated about what we think it should look like. The idea behind having kids draw an  is … Continue reading

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Degas with Chalk

…my favorite project so far for the year… Continue reading

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“Multiple Choice” Final Drawing Project, Week 6, Classical Conversations

I’ve seen a lot of panic over the years about the week 6 final drawing project for Classical Conversations communities. I’ve seen some tutors go to great lengths to find or create a project that combines all previous lessons: looking … Continue reading

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Castle Perspective Lesson, Week 5

Perspective. Journeymen and Masters (ages 9-12), whom I teach, have typically been introduced to the concept already, so what can they do next? Fitting with the medieval theme for this fall of Classical Conversations, I chose a castle. Continue reading

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Cubist Queen Mash-Up Art Lesson

For an abstract drawing project to fit into this year’s medieval history theme, I came up with a “Monarch Mash-up,” a nod to Cubism, the first abstract style of modern art. This is the practice of analyzing forms, breaking them down and putting them back together–but not necessarily all from the same perspective.
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Monarch Mash-Up: Abstract Art Lesson, Week 4

Because tutors have so many ways available to them through which to introduce kids to abstract art, I’m choosing to do things I haven’t seen others do. A lot of abstract projects students will have already done, by the time they … Continue reading

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Creating an Encouraging Classroom

How can you create a classroom where students do not merely cooperate with the teacher but encourage and build up their classmates as well? How can you get a class of students to respect each other and see each other not as competition–academically or socially–but to realize they’re on the same team and want to encourage each others’ contributions?
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