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8 Reasons Why I Started Homeschooling

I’ve been thinking about this post for years.  I read others’ posts on this topic a lot. It’s always interesting. I am entering my eighth year of homeschooling; I now have three pupils, and each has always been homeschooled. But … Continue reading

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Books My Son Likes: Flora and Ulysses

I have a middle-grade son who is not a natural reader. Reading is just is not what he’d choose to spend his time doing. He has many interests that compete with reading, so if I find him reading a book … Continue reading

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Personalized Theme Alphabet for Preschool/K

About assigning pictures/objects to a letter for its sound: it’s much more effective to have that object form the letter shape. Arrows make A, a dragon makes the D shape, etc. The image making the shape reinforces the their acquisition of the alphabet and phonics in the way kids’ brains naturally process information. Continue reading

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