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Why We Chose the Classical Conversations Homeschool Community

  Why do people choose Classical Conversations—at the overwhelming rate at which they have? (125,000 students!) I can’t answer the whole of that question, but I can for my small family. The reason I chose it for my kids is … Continue reading

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Why I Continue to Homeschool

As I mentioned in 8 Reasons Why I Started Homeschooling, my choice to homeschool began as a temporary thing. I planned to do it for 2-3 years. But here I am, going into year 8. THIS was not the plan; … Continue reading

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8 Reasons Why I Started Homeschooling

I’ve been thinking about this post for years.  I read others’ posts on this topic a lot. It’s always interesting. I am entering my eighth year of homeschooling; I now have three pupils, and each has always been homeschooled. But … Continue reading

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Ever Feel Like You’re the Least Favorite Teacher In Your Homeschool?

Yeah, it’s saying something when you’re the least-favorite teacher in a  one-room-schoolhouse kind of situation. But I’ve felt it. The weirdest part is, I’m used to being popular. I was a favorite camp counselor, a beloved student teacher, and the … Continue reading

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Seven Wonders Mystery: Upside-Down Drawing, Week 3, Cycle 1

The biggest impediment to drawing is our assumptions. We often miss the actual shape of a thing because we get stuck or intimidated about what we think it should look like. Why do we have kids draw something upside-down? To help students see … Continue reading

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King Tut: Mirror Image Drawing Lesson Week 2, Cycle 1

Ah, the second week of Fine Arts in the Classical Conversations program: Mirror Image! In my first year tutoring, this was a least favorite lesson, but now it’s my favorite and perhaps the most crucial of them all. I didn’t … Continue reading

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Horse Head Profile: Drawing Lesson 1, Cycle 1

For the first drawing lesson, we explore the basic shapes. In Classical Conversations, we spend the first six weeks of the Foundations program learning drawing lesson in the Fine Art segment of the class. My lessons were designed for the Masters class (ages 10-11), but the specific class I had last with cycle one were […]

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