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Abstract Drawing Lesson, Week 4

Designed for week 4 of the drawing unit for Classical Conversations, this lesson uses students’ faces–realistic or cartoonish representation–as inspiration. Continue reading

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Cubist Queen Mash-Up Art Lesson

For an abstract drawing project to fit into this year’s medieval history theme, I came up with a “Monarch Mash-up,” a nod to Cubism, the first abstract style of modern art. This is the practice of analyzing forms, breaking them down and putting them back together–but not necessarily all from the same perspective.
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Monarch Mash-Up: Abstract Art Lesson, Week 4

Because tutors have so many ways available to┬áthem through which to introduce kids to abstract art, I’m choosing to do things I haven’t seen others do. A lot of abstract projects students will have already done, by the time they … Continue reading

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