Horse Head Profile: Drawing Lesson 1

For the first drawing lesson, we explore the basic shapes. In Classical Conversations, we spend the first six weeks of the Foundations program learning drawing lesson in the Fine Art segment of the class. My lessons were designed for the Masters class (ages 10-11), but the specific class I had last with cycle one were Journeymen–ages 8-10. I aimed to make the subjects of our content fit with the ancient world to match the cycle.

Because I did tutor for every cycle already, and never had the same students twice (except my own son), this week 1 drawing is nearly a repeat of what I did for cycle 2, which you may have seen on this blog. However, experience has taught me, were I to do it again, I’d simplify the project to only the horse head instead of the entire horse body–unless I had a class that needed a challenge.  (I once had a masters class–ages 10-13–that needed the challenge of the centaur from Narnia, but the very next year, different students would have been overwhelmed by that. Hence, I would now focus on the head of the horse, as shown below.)

cc horse step 4 001

Otherwise, my lesson is the same as what is already posted here: Basics of Drawing: Fine Arts, Week 1 for Classical Conversations. Just scale it back to only the head and ignore the rest. (Yes, as a repeat tutor with different students, I didn’t have to start from scratch for new lesson plans each year–but for those of you who’ve already used mine and hoped I would do something entirely different/new, I’m sorry!) Horses are so popular with students, boys and girl, and fit so well with each history cycle, I stick with them!

As I mention in other lesson posts, I love saving the students’ first drawings from this week and then presenting them the opportunity to draw the same thing 6 weeks later. When they are done, I can bring out their first version for comparison. Even I am amazed at what can happen in merely 5 weeks!

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